Assault Of A Family Member/Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges, known in Texas as "assault of a family member," can create lasting and strongly negative consequences for those who are convicted. Defendants can face up to 99 years in jail or prison, as well as significant fines. Additionally, Texas state law prohibits those convicted of this charge from owning or possessing firearms for five years. Additional federal gun ownership restrictions also may apply.

At our firm, our attorneys have successfully challenged domestic abuse charges. We have used our firm's track record of wins in this practice area to leverage better outcomes when negotiating with prosecutors.

Diversion Program For Domestic Violence Charges

If you are facing a charge of assault of a family member in or near Fort Worth, Tarrant County offers the Domestic Violence Diversion Program for defendants who meet specific selection criteria. This is a pretrial diversion program that combines case management and victim assistance and monitors the defendant's progress through a prescribed program in a nonjudgmental fashion.

The lawyers of Mark D. Scott & Associates can advise you if you may qualify for the diversion program or other treatment/rehabilitation options that may decrease the likelihood of conviction.

We Defend Your Rights

Whether the charges against you represent false allegations or you have truly made a mistake in your personal behavior, you have rights under the law. Our firm is comfortable taking assault cases to trial, but we frequently are successful in getting dismissals or diversions for clients before a trial begins.

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